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The Lilliput - Troupe

Screenplay by:

Russell K. Hayes & Michael Lee Gogin

With beautiful singing voices, music performing and charm, the Ovitz family won the hearts of their audiences, and all who came in contact with them. This family of seven dwarf brothers and sisters along with the additional three average height siblings reached the top of their craft as entertainment geniuses.

They traveled throughout all of Europe, during the 1930s and the early 1940s. They performed to all sizes of audiences. They earned the reputation of being great musicians and performers who brought light and warmth during the darkest times of WWII.

As practicing committed devote Jews, they were aware of the laws that prevented them from performing to non Jewish audiences even while on the road, they hid the fact that they were Jews. They were masters of communicating as they traveled through each European country hiding the Yiddish language by using their acting skills. The Ovitz family was versed in all European languages. They obtained new passports that never stated their religion and continued to perform until April of 1944.

Therefore, while on the road, they were safe from the persecutions by the Nazi party and SS soldiers. But tragically, while resting at home between performances, the Nazi SS soldiers rolled into their home town of Rosavlea, Romania, and arrested all of the Jews, numbering in the thousands. They were taken by train to Auschwitz to be victims of Adolf Hitler's final solution, the extermination of Jews.

Dr. Mengele, also known as the angel of death, kept the Ovitz family alive in order to experiment on them in trying to reach the scientific knowledge in genetic dwarfism.

Witness this true story with all its’ Miracles. See the Ovitz’s family members and friends survive the concentration camp to be liberated by allied soldiers January 17th, 1945.


Michael Lee Gogin

Michael Lee Gogin was born with an obvious disability of being short in stature. In reality he has become a survivor of much more than that through his accomplishments in the arts. Gogin was born with NO hip sockets and is walking today because of modern technology. He was the first teen American to receive total hip replacements. Today he still has an original hip over thirty years. Gogin is a sighted only because of medical technology and is a survivor of being blind three times in his life. He is one who believes that stem cell research is the wave of the future and will follow suit soon.

Michael Gogin is known for his abilities as an actor with over 25 feature films with featuring, guest starring or starring roles. He has over 25 guest starring roles in Tele-vision roles not including an additional number of guest appearances for Television Talk Shows.

Those who really know Michael Lee Gogin, know him as Loving and Performing Music First. He is an accomplished musician / composer. He performs on Taylor Guitars, Piano, & Vocals. There are a variety of music artists that work with Michael Gogin for his ability to bring music sessions together, “Leave The Ego Out of Room,” Attitude.

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