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LPA or Little People of America online is a great source for people who are short in stature or know someone who is and have never been able to identify with the short stature person. Many parents who have kids that are short in stature can rely on the best group in the United States to assist with just about any type of question pertaining to the short stature world.


Little People of America Adoption is a website devoted to the person that is working within the adoption field ( i.e. the adoption agency ) and would like to help the short stature adopting parent in having the opportunity of adopting the Little - Little into their family. You may also know someone that has a short stature child on the way or has one presently that does not know what to do if not wanting that child. Either way, with or without an agency this is a great source for helping.

  Little People of America Adoption

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For every purchase made with access code LPA103 a small donation will be made to LPA from Foodzar.com


Peggy O' Neil is surely by far one of the most dynamic conversationalists in motivation. I have been fortunate in knowing her since 1980 and have seen first hand her positive influence on many people. She sets an excellent example of representing the short stature world and focuses on... "Celebrating Diversity, Personal Empowerment and overcoming Challenges..." for any age.


Mad Swede Records is a very unique record company that is opening doors for people from the short stature community at large. They are located in Southern California and are looking for talented music artists' worldwide that just happen to be short in stature but tall in their music skill and performance. Contact Vice President of Artists Relations Debra Dae at the following e-mail address.


Welcome to the California Institute of Abnormal Arts, known as the CIA Club. The CIA provides a venue for the best of the underground, featuring music, magic, puppetry and independent films from all over the world at this club. In addition to being a theater and music venue, the CIA is also the home to a Circus Memorabilia, Sideshow Artifacts and Relics,. A bit Goth at times but for sure an eye opener...This club is located at the following address: 11334 Burbank Blvd.; North Hollywood, CA.


Michael Lee Gogin and Shawn Brush teamed up in 2003 to begin an alliance producing projects with short stature performers from all types of music genres internationally. Shawn is greatly accomplished as a music artist producing 11 Canadian Folk / Country Music cd albums in 11 years in a row. Michael & Shawn's first project is on its way and is a fund raiser for the music of exclusively short stature music artists.


Frank Moore's Web Of All Possibilities:

Eroart not porn, mainstream avant-garde, cultural subversion, is just a taste of the reality that is offered by Frank Moore at his eroplay.com. 21 and older only please.




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