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Looking Good for Mad Swede Records in 2007 !

The highly anticipated debut CD release of Michael Lee Gogin’s "MG Midget For Sale"

The long awaited project began years ago only to be put on a back burner for numerous medical mishaps that have kept Michael from progressing at a faster pace, nonetheless, the recorded songs are receiving support from people around the world who have had a sneak preview of the songs that are being mixed and then mastered with a dozen or so other Michael Gogin songs. The camp is so excited we’re talking about recording the next album already. Looking to the near future for a limited tour of the west coast, possibly the college circuit, with the release of, MG Midget For Sale.

Mad Swede Records is a very unique record company that is opening doors for people from the short stature community at large. They are located in Southern California and are looking for talented music artists' worldwide that just happen to be short in stature but tall in their music skill and performance. Contact Vice President of Artists Relations Debra Dae at the following e-mail address.



Send your written requests to:

Attn: A & R
Mad Swede Records
3224 E. Yorba Linda Blvd, Ste.166
Fullerton, CA. 92831

You are encouraged in writing to MadSwede Records and first ask permission to submit your material and second send your material after your request is approved by MadSwede Records.

Coming Soon  -  MG Midget

It makes my heart stop to hear what the industry has done to rock’n’roll. Melody is all but dead, and individualism is missing from today’s mainstream of successful artists. White bread, redundant, no fiber.

This is exactly why I’m so excited about Michael Lee Gogin. He’s fresh, knows how to write a melody, arrange, and is an individual, not a clone of 20 other artist. Through his music he opens his heart and mind for everyone to relate and groove on his original tunes. His musicianship explodes as he expresses his trials with love and life in general. Something we can all relate too, and if I’m not mistaken, he doesn’t kill anyone in his lyrics! Now that’s fresh.

The fact that Michael is short statured makes the facts more exciting, because we’re not hearing an industry stereotype of Oompah Loompah songs here, we’re hearing caliber up to Dave Matthews and Elton John, real talent WITH personality. Such a handsome guy too.

You’re all going to finally have your chance to witness these very things I am stating here. Coming soon, is Michael Gogin’s, MG Midget. This is his CD debut on the Mad Swede label; we are working so diligently to finish …

For the world to embrace and stick in your face,

The fact that “rock’n ‘roll” is not dead,

Melody is still alive and so is Michael Lee Gogin!

Debra Dae

These Pomeranian pups were caught playing with Michael’s pant leg, playing and chewing on his pant leg and shoe laces. Michael was so tickled by their presence, he had to pick them up to show them off. So we want to thank Marilyn for bringing the pups to the studio, and she recently had a pup of her own.