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Mini Kiss with "Vanila Ice"

Original Music

Music, Lyrics, and Performance by

Michael Lee Gogin


Come This Way - Words & Music by Michael Lee Gogin

You Can't Fool Me - Words & Music by Michael Lee Gogin

Lady Night - Words & Music by Michael Lee Gogin

You'll Be Lookin' - Words & Music by Michael Lee Gogin

Cest' La Vie, Don't Bother Me (1996 Version) -
Words & Music by Michael Lee Gogin

Thank You, For Letting Me Be Who I Am -
Words & Music by Michael Lee Gogin

Listen To No One But Me - Words by Thomas Torriglia,
Music by Michael Lee Gogin

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that perform with Michael Lee Gogin!

Special thanks to the following music artist & technicians:

Debra Dae (The Rockin' Roll Nurse) Engineer and Co-Producer...

Lisa Rains for making me do the CD / Album...

ZoeAnne for Once Upon A Time...

Jeanie Young-Black-Waldorf & Regina for helping...

Alma Carlson for bringing the harmony back into my music...

Rico Garcia for percussions...

Thomas W. Strange for knocking it out in a heart beat with his bass...

Michael Garvey for performing bass and keeping me up beat...

Chance "Man" Wilder for performing bass and being the youngest on board...

Other Noted Ones...

Scott Van Zan with his beautiful classical guitar on Lady Night

Aaron McLaine with his awesome electric guitars

Oh Yeah...

Michael Lee Gogin performing rhythm guitars, electric guitars, Chanai orchestra, sitar, drums, percussions, writer of the songs, lead vocals, some harmonies, & there's MORE!!!


Marc Levinsohn & Feletia for the FANTASTIC mix
on the final six @ Big Ears Sound Design + Music...

Robert Copeland for co-producing some of the tunes...

Roger Burnly for introducing me to Robert...

Better Than Gophers...

Matthew Michael Gogin, Charles Joseph Gogin & Andrew Robert Gogin...


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Music - Mini Kiss
Michael Lee Gogin performing with Mini Kiss

(30 second samples)
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"Lu Lu" / The San Francisco Opera Company 1998
The Clown (Starring)
Lotfi Mansouri
Ruslan / The San Francisco Opera Company
Chernomor Starring
Lotfi Mansouri
"The Road to Paradise
Little Larry / Starring
Scott Miller
"Radio City Music Hall's" - The Christmas Spectacular
Jiggle The Elf / Baby Bear / Nutcracker
Scott Salmon
"Lu Lu" / The San Francisco Opera Company 1989
The Clown (Starring)
Lotfi Mansouri
"Vive Paris Vive"
Henri de Toulouse Latrec ( Starring )
Barry Ashton
"Turandot" The San Francisco Opera Company
Executioner's Assistant / Starring
Kurt Alder
"The Abdication" The San Francisco Eureka Theater
Brigito ( Starring )
Julie Herbert

Taylor Guitars

Michael Lee Gogin has been a member of the elite list of Music Artists since 1995. Gogin has mentioned that Taylor Guitars went out of their way to assist him in finding the right guitars to fit and contour his body for performing his music. He will never forget that first meeting at National Associating of Music Merchants, (NAMM) in 1995 with T.J. Baden, Bob Taylor, Kurt Listug, & of course Ms. Robin. It is also because of Taylor that Michael Gogin has performed at the NAMM Convention several times.

Michael standing behind Wayne Brady. Wayne highly praised Michael for capturing the Canadain audience at "The Just For Laugh Festival" 2004 in Montreal, Canada.


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